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Our clients all have one thing in common, the desire for significant improvement in operational performance.

      In general our clients fall into two main catagories:
  • The first group has serious operational performance issues and is not meeting it’s performance and financial targets. It knows it has problems and also knows it needs urgent help to resolve them.
  • The second group is a little different. Their operational performance varies from acceptable to very good, however they also know that they could be significantly better but just don’t know how to make the necessary changes. Even when they do, they recognise that external help will accelerate the process of improvement  and implementation.

Working with E² means working as a team. We each have an important part to play and we each have our own skill and knowledge to bring to the table.

Our clients tell us they like working with us, they like the down to earth and honest approach we take. They tell us they like it that we get immersed in their operations and get our hands dirty, but mostly they tell us they can’t believe how quickly we deliver results and how good the results are that we actually achieve.


Top Tier Telecoms Utility Company
Restoring margins by applying a new business model

With a rapidly changing market our client was seeing significant reduction in it’s operating margins. The business was non-core within the wider company group but had always been a cash cow, unless that status could be restored it’s future was in doubt.

arrow  Organisational structure and roles and responsibilities fully assessed and new leaner but but more effective structure created.

arrow  Job planning  process fully reassessed and significant changes made to remove duplication and wasted effort, best practice identified and uniform national process applied.

arrow  Supply chain model completely redesigned, lower tier smaller supplier engaged to replace larger supplier driving cost down but improving flexibility.

arrow  Overall purchasing model created allowing all direct suppliers to purchase under the overall company supply chain  umbrella agreements, benefits shared.

arrow  Project net benefits estimated at 10% improvement in margin,  (cash cow restored to better than historic performance)

Leading National Catering Food sales Company
New contract maintenance model drive stunning improvements

70 full time back office staff plus 30 field based account managers were unable to keep contracts up to date and pricing changes were regularily either applied late or never applied, Contract being managed totalled in excessof £700m

arrow  New contract pricing maintenance process and system designed and created, new system reduced cycle time of updates from 6 weeks to 30 minutes and improved contract price change effectiveness and accuracy to 99.8%

arrow  Contract maintenance and tendering process reviewed and overhauled, free time creted form contract pricing work used to remove activities from field based personnel who were ineffective operating company systems and move these to back office staff who had expertise and time.

arrow  Consoloditation of sales operation sites form 4 to 3

arrow  Net effect of changes equated to increase in profits of £20m per annum

Global Agro Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier
New organisation design cements marketing and sales and drives alignment to customer based solutions

In an environment where commodity prices on agricultural produce were spiralling and the market for  agro chemical based yield enhancement solutions was booming  our clients  revenews were flat and they were losing market share.

arrow  Complete structural redesign of marketing and sales operations.

arrow  Full process capability assessment and gap analysis resulting in process optimisation where necessary and new process creation.

arrow  Customer message changed from a product based offering to a solutions based message which incorporated  multiple complimentary products all suited to optimising yield on one crop.

arrow  New Sales offices opened to improve geographical focus and headcount increased by 30%

arrow  Client currently on forecast growth path and ROI calculations are all being exceeded.
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