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Asset Management

Organisations that use and rely on major capital assets depend heavily on optimising the end to end life stewardship of these. This is necessary to ensure success for their businesses and is every bit as true regardless of if you are drilling for oil or if you are making paper cups. If a capital asset is involved then the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of output are all absolutely key.


As soon as we start looking at this we immediately face issues around the planned and actual operation of the plant. We face challenges around the reliability and maintenance of the assets and we uncover the true importance that the yield and quality of output play. There is an exteremely strong link and crossover between asset management and Lean and in this arena in particular. We will take our client on a journey of plant optimisation and leave them with the full capability to optimise their plant as requirements change in the future.

We help ensure your assets are working in an optimal fashion and through integration with our

Business Control capability allow an organisation to see their ongoing performance and help surface those vital opportunities to improve further and allow our clients to make good quality timely decisions to maintain plant performance.

We work with your people "lock stepped" together to transfer our knowledge and expertise giving you complete self sufficiency. We only view ourselves as having been successful if you can be independently successful.


Global Top 3 Pharmaceutical Company
Growing revenues by improving plant asset efficiencies

With a market which could consume more than could be supplied and  allocations common place a solution  was rapidly needed to address the capacity limitation the manufacturing plants had unwittingly imposed.

arrow  Plant bottlenecks identified and new planning and prioritisation process designed, 25% additional capacity created.

arrow  Number of different SKU’s reduced by 50%, driving down changeovers and improving capacity in packaging operations

arrow  Improvement in production delivery performance achieved by  overhaul to planning process and correcting standard time in MRP system

arrow  Wider lean deployment facilitated.

arrow  Project net Benefit estimated to be £200m per annum

Top Tier Telecoms Utility Company
Restoring margins by applying a new business model

With a rapidly changing market our client was seeing significant reduction in it’s operating margins. The business was non core within the wider company group but had always been a cash cow, unless that status could be restored it’s future was in doubt.

arrow  Organisational structure and roles and responsibilities fully assessed and new leaner but but more effective structure created.

arrow  Job planning  process fully re assessed and signmificant changes made to remove duplication and wasted effort, best practice identified and uniform national process applied.

arrow  Supply chain model completely redesigned, lowere tier smaller supplier engaged to replace larger supplier driving cost down but improving flexibility.

arrow  Overall purchasing model created allowing all direct suppliers to purchase under the overall company supply chain  umbella agreements, benefits shared.

arrow  Project net benefits estimated at 10% improvement in margin,  (cash cow restored to better than historic performance)

Leader in National Food sales Distribution
Spiraling operating costs leaving contracts unprofitable

New logistics contract implementation for national sales and distribution to top tier resteraunts and food outlets had been poorly designed and implemented, Order accuracy, ontime delivery and overall contract profitability were major issues.

arrow  Telesales and order capture process and timetable aligned to mirror sequence of trunking schedules ensuring order captured in correct sequence.

arrow  Warehouse picking operations moved to single order and marshalling. Flow reduced number of live orders being picked in warehouse to maximum of 6 at a time, pick labour per order reduced by 30%

arrow  Improvement in production delivery performance achieved by  overhaul to planning process and correcting standard time in MRP system

arrow  Vehicle fill methodology and primary trunking schedules changed to drive optimal use of network and assets.

arrow  Project net effects saw ontime delivery and order accuracy consistently exceed contract requirement, and contact costs reduced by in excess of 30%
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